Thursday, May 1, 2008

Energy: 358th Idea

Energy is the most fundamental aspect of the universe along with, of course, time, space, matter, and form which cannot be taken as less significant.

While of course energy in its common sense can be used for practicalies such as transport, manufacturing, or heating or cooling buildings, by 'energy' we usually mean the internal met're of things.

Engery can be the odd feeling in a room after some people had been there, and come and gone; energy can be an odd part of the forest where we feel decay, or sorrow, or enormous silent struggle.

Energy can be the odd feeling when you know that you will never see some one again, or the recognition among kindred souls who, despite not knowing one another, sense a deep and natural kinship which is visceral and immediate. When we feel the vibes of persons, this is energy. We can sense who we can trust, and who we cannot; we sense what is authentic and true. And we can see past the superficial shineyness, for example, in a corporate interior decor which reeks of plastic artificiality and is doomed.

Most of all, energy is in the conscious aura of permiating awareness we feel around great teachers--the frission, the tingling and presense. We feel their energy, and while we may not be able to plumb their depths, we nevertheless still know that this fine energy is incommensurably and manifestly and irrevocably real. We know it.

We feel energy with the great primary lovers in our life. We feel energy the moment we find our homes, or when we walk into the interview for the job we will not only take, but which will nurish all our hard won lessons for the next six years, so deep are the waters that a man or woman can step into in what Gurdjieff called 'necessary suffering'.

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