Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fear: 356th Idea

Fear is part of our primal survival mechanism and is as omnipresent in day to day life as 'death, taxes, and childbirth'. While fear be debilating, it can also save a person from the clutches of virtually certain moral or outright physical destruction.

Fear is a feeling, and relates to aversion, and tells us not to go through with a labored decision which doesn't feel right. Fear tells us not to make that call, not write that letter, not say that thing to our boss or the rude customer. Fear in its better sense is the better part of tact or discretion, and buffers us from the attractions to the false luster given by things that can seduce us. Whether it be promises of grand investment returns, proclaimations of eternal love, or supposed more opportunistic employment, many things can mess you up in this world. Many things will call for your attention, your money, your affection, or your time.

My guru always said: 'Fear and doubt. These are the worst and are very harmfull'.

In its negative sense, fear is a limitation. In its higher sense, fear buffers us from things certain to bring little benefit. Again, as we last discussed, all feelings have this dual or 'Janus faced' side to things, and always have two sides. Fear just places this two side aspect into even greater resolution and is a very, very powerful form of energy.

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