Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Forgiveness: 346th Idea

Forgiveness is one of those deep things which may not come naturally to a headstrong young man or woman yet which, adopted as a way of life, can transform the inevitable disappointments and negativity of life. To forgive is to understand.

Forgiveness is often thought of as something done for others. But forgiveness can necessitate forgiving our very own selves--by ourself.

Charity, kindness, and understanding are part and parcel, and intimately woven into forgiveness. On the one hand, self responsAbility requires that we see that we are responsible for everything. Thus no one is ever to blame in many situations. And, with that, on the other hand, there is another component of life and nature 'just happening' and while in most cases with notable exception, we are responsible for our life but NOT to blame. As Buddha said, 'Where there are human beings, there is always blame'.

With such a vast force in human society, forgiveness is necessary, for elsewise all would become tainted or tarnished. Who can you forgive today, and what can you accept?