Saturday, October 31, 2009

Police Officer shot

Police Officer shot, very sad... lights all over like a Christmas tree, a very big deal... heard the shots.... sad. Tragic. Two short blocks
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Seattle 10:06 pm~10:17 VERY heavy gun fire near here, three shots, now intersect 29th & Yesler, blocked, tons of police, sherif.........
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Completion 345th Idea

We all roam the earth when the back of our primitive brain wanders and wanders and wanders. It really depends upon the form of life. Birds nest and travel, snakes under rocks or bask in sun, fish swarm the deep seas, goats the mountain promontories. Food, shelter, view, mating, there are many. Food and mating are the two deep urges.

But as humans, when a man or woman finds his or her mate, there is completion. Such a two do not deflect to others, but form a nesting circle, clasping their hands in mutual want, love, care, words, touches, projects, cooperation, reading, sleeping... all the sweet and continuous things. Once we find a job doing work that we can not only do, but nay, well enjoy and can be appreciated for, just as when you arrive to a dwelling felt as home, anchor the few close beloved friends who share with you and whom you share with, discover the craft or passion you can pursue on weekends or after work, once fulfilled, there is a wholeness like no other. All of these are important.

But the main thing is, when you find your mate, it frees a lot of previously unresolved energy. Even if not consciously, humans mate, just as they search for food. When the supply is secure, it allows these others to be more secure. It is grace and beauty. It is the greatest joy on earth

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Forgiveness: 346th Idea

Forgiveness is one of those deep things which may not come naturally to a headstrong young man or woman yet which, adopted as a way of life, can transform the inevitable disappointments and negativity of life. To forgive is to understand.

Forgiveness is often thought of as something done for others. But forgiveness can necessitate forgiving our very own selves--by ourself.

Charity, kindness, and understanding are part and parcel, and intimately woven into forgiveness. On the one hand, self responsAbility requires that we see that we are responsible for everything. Thus no one is ever to blame in many situations. And, with that, on the other hand, there is another component of life and nature 'just happening' and while in most cases with notable exception, we are responsible for our life but NOT to blame. As Buddha said, 'Where there are human beings, there is always blame'.

With such a vast force in human society, forgiveness is necessary, for elsewise all would become tainted or tarnished. Who can you forgive today, and what can you accept?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nature: 347th Idea

The fact of nature is the largest factor on planet earth. No matter what networks we build, coolant systems tied into vast arrays of controlled systems, pharmaceutical provisions provided, high frequency waves beaming round and round the plant--still, slow but inexorable entropic grind goes on, and on, and on in unending tundas, vastness of intersteller spaces, and the urge of species to procreate.

Just picture the huddles of penguins in the Artic, standing all winter while they breed their young, or enormous pods of Chordonia swimming in the vast deep oceans, and the dark green of the Amazon. Nature is also the cycle of birth, sickness, old age, and death as the Buddhists are want to say.

As humans we have the failing of sometimes--if only temporarily--thinking that we can conquer infinity or arrange all needs and functions, but we cannot. Nature encases us, and we are small, and fragile, as represented in the image of the blue-green white cloud covered whirl of Gaia, mother earth, seen from outter space.

To live is grace, to have a body is a precious thing, and in our better moments we feel the deepest reverence, live in the moment, and honor the god in all things and persons. God bless thee oh Lord! Ohm Nama Shivaya, blessings to you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Markets: 348th Idea

Markets is where most work occurs and where most things are bought and sold. Manufacturers first transport then sell or transport their merchandise, sellers receive goods or structure available services, employers hire workers who perform for customers and communities, buyers seek out, compare, and make purchases, and integrators structure consumer choices in typologies of competitive markets.

Markets involve tension, where there is usually a 'spread' between purchase and sale price. This gap relates to underlying costs such as facilities, transport, labor, utilities, debt, and, where practicable, profit margin.

Pricing gives dynamic pricing information about demand, availability, and competition. The very essence of the word 'market' relates to distribution. As we say, markets are forms of 'complex adaptive systems', and as such can be stable or unstable, large or small, local or global, open or closed, and transparent or opaque.

Lastly, while some markets can be highly efficient, others can be grossly confused and involve great stupidity and loss of vital energy. Markets are a lot like codependency and addiction, and it is really hard to separate markets from either exploitation or flagrant ignorance.

While market employ agents often involving persons, to a large extent, in modern society markets are beyond the pale of any one person and truly rule.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Work: 349th Idea

Everyone knows what work is. Yet something so directly experienced cannot always clear. What can be said of work which is not trite or does not repeat well-worn catch phrases, and what is significant that can be distinguished here?

First of all, the essence of work is that for most persons it goes under the rubric of 'necessity'. Work is what we do to earn money or, outside a monetized system, what we do to survive. Even persons who control large amounts of capital must work, in managing paperwork, staying secure, exercising oversight in the never ending need to evaluate asset performance and service providers.

Yet work also occurs in others ways outside a heavily monetized society. If for example we are building a large database which helps to guide greatest passion, not for remuneration but so that not only we but also our friends and contacts worldwide can benefit from it, this may not be painful or profitable but it is hard work.

Most of what goes for work or is involved in what we call work relates to undergoing effort, in exchanging time and attention in a fixed periods of time, in specific structured environments, usually having to work in cooperation with others in structures of rank and authority, all of this exchanged for money. The great majority of persons in industrialized society then takes that earned money, and spends it, in paying for goods and services provided by others, in an intricate web of earning and consuming.

Work is usually done apart from or outside of nature, and really goes against it. Nature is unrelenting in its force, in opposing man's insignificance, but work performed in a petrochemical society overcomes nature, such compensating for heat and cold, food production, and moving in ways other than with arms and legs. Work typifies modern life, and inexorable economic expansion always creates more work, to the chagrin of all.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decison: 350th Idea

True decisions--in the sense in which it is meant here--are large.

A girl can decide when she is nine to become an Olympic skater, a young man to expatriate himself, or an alcoholic to not drink until they have restored their life to functionality in deeply integrating themselves... or a person can decide to go back to college at night, or a wife upon no longer being able to endure her husband's abuse immediately arranges to leave him for good.

And by decision, a sincere spiritual seeker could decide that they would 'pay any price for awakening, full self realization', only to find that within only twelve swift hours, that their life begins a swift and immediate decline, and is so permicious that for five years ensues a devolution which is unceasing and unrelenting? It is by these big, irrevocable things we mean 'decision'.

If it is not important, it might still be a decision--'I will go to the store to get onions for the fried potatoes'--but does not constitute a REAL decision.

Decisions galvanize the self, and focus laser like effort upon an endeavor, such as a craft, a relationship, or a place. We cannot know when large decisions will occur, but we remember them from the day that they happen, so they alter our life and those around us. We might not remember the exact day, but when they are true decisions they are usually remembered for their poignancy by everyone involved.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aging: 351st Idea

Aging can be a great indignity or be done gracefully and graciously. Nothing so much shows a mans or womans character as how they age.