Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sexuality: 353rd Idea

Someone once remarked that 'sex was a lot like riding a bicycle: once you get the hang of it, you don't need to think about how to do it'.

Some folks have a lot of sex, some none, and some now and again. Whatever sex is, it has a lot of energy associated with it. It has was once remarked by an energetic healer, that 'when you have sex with someone, you take on all the energy of the other persons they have been with' but then again she was a Reiki Grandmaster healer.

Sex is about connection. Sex is all about polarity. The differences in the charges makes the spark. It is common place notion among some young people that somehow the more persons you have sex with, the more it makes you as a person. Quite the contrary, sex with the wrong person or too many persons can either cause great confusion, or diminish a person, leaving them with less not more.

And last but not least, childbirth can result from sex, and the creation of another human being cannot be taken lightly. By virtue of restrictions on food supply and resources in the ancient world, it would appear that they could ill afford not to be a lot more cautious about it than we are. We on the contrary, with recourse to methods of birth control if not access to methods to stop birth, still percieve sex as not only delight, but as more of an entertainment process divorced from the markedly unique or sacred.

Sex is a great stress release, and is one of natures ways to establish or deepen emotional connection between two human, and is so designed by nature or hardwired into our brains that we are constantly evaluationg the sexual desirability of those we see. Many images and postures by others are subtle (or not so subtle!) signals advertising the possibility of sex.

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