Monday, May 5, 2008

Completion: 354th Idea

Completion is another feeling. While completion can be the final linking of two sides of a long bridge built from two spans reaching together to join from far apart, or the finishing of a long letter of application, the sense in which we mean this is meant more in the ways in which major chapters of our life resolve themselves.

We struggle or effort for long periods of time and look up, and suddenly one day, we feel complete. We know completion distinctly, for when we have given effort and attention for long periods of time to an endeavour, a relationship, or project, when we are done, we feel a sense of peacefullness and possibility at having choices previously not available to us.

It is the liberation of energy within ourselves to place our attention on other things and concerns which marks completion. In its higher sense, completion is not an every day event. When we complete ourselves with a concern, we are free to move on and put some thing in the past, or are at peace with the outcome even if it is negative, and we are satisfied.

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