Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Information: 352nd Idea

Peak Oil

Along with energy, housing, food, and transport, information is one of the most important features of the industrialized world.

Information comes in many forms. It can be held in print, electronically, or in other physical forms such as the shape of a building, or involving sound, color, texture, taste, or smell. It can also exist with no viewable physical location such as when it only exists in a persons mind but is very real, which both limits access to it and at the same makes the priviledge of those who can access it all the more valuable.

Information thus can be common or scarce, and thus dramatically changes its value according to how easy or hard it is to access.

Social groups and classes stratify according to their wealth, education, ages, races, and genders which further causes this same information to coalesce or dissipate.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sexuality: 353rd Idea

Someone once remarked that 'sex was a lot like riding a bicycle: once you get the hang of it, you don't need to think about how to do it'.

Some folks have a lot of sex, some none, and some now and again. Whatever sex is, it has a lot of energy associated with it. It has was once remarked by an energetic healer, that 'when you have sex with someone, you take on all the energy of the other persons they have been with' but then again she was a Reiki Grandmaster healer.

Sex is about connection. Sex is all about polarity. The differences in the charges makes the spark. It is common place notion among some young people that somehow the more persons you have sex with, the more it makes you as a person. Quite the contrary, sex with the wrong person or too many persons can either cause great confusion, or diminish a person, leaving them with less not more.

And last but not least, childbirth can result from sex, and the creation of another human being cannot be taken lightly. By virtue of restrictions on food supply and resources in the ancient world, it would appear that they could ill afford not to be a lot more cautious about it than we are. We on the contrary, with recourse to methods of birth control if not access to methods to stop birth, still percieve sex as not only delight, but as more of an entertainment process divorced from the markedly unique or sacred.

Sex is a great stress release, and is one of natures ways to establish or deepen emotional connection between two human, and is so designed by nature or hardwired into our brains that we are constantly evaluationg the sexual desirability of those we see. Many images and postures by others are subtle (or not so subtle!) signals advertising the possibility of sex.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Completion: 354th Idea

Completion is another feeling. While completion can be the final linking of two sides of a long bridge built from two spans reaching together to join from far apart, or the finishing of a long letter of application, the sense in which we mean this is meant more in the ways in which major chapters of our life resolve themselves.

We struggle or effort for long periods of time and look up, and suddenly one day, we feel complete. We know completion distinctly, for when we have given effort and attention for long periods of time to an endeavour, a relationship, or project, when we are done, we feel a sense of peacefullness and possibility at having choices previously not available to us.

It is the liberation of energy within ourselves to place our attention on other things and concerns which marks completion. In its higher sense, completion is not an every day event. When we complete ourselves with a concern, we are free to move on and put some thing in the past, or are at peace with the outcome even if it is negative, and we are satisfied.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Distribution: 355th Idea

Distribution is a major feature in the greater universe in which our earth's galaxy is housed as well as a major aspect in both commerce and financial markets.

No matter how great an idea or product or process, if it is not distributed it might well never be seen or disseminated.

Vast distribution networks of trucks, ships, cars, goods, services, airplanes, voice and data packets, media and opinion all travel round this world, housed in vast libraries, server networks, warehouses and shipping containers, and towering grain silos.

Electric currents hum night and day, where the earth is seen as a scintilating beacon from far off in outter space, with humans blinking like amoeba in vast megalopolae of lights spread like tentacles and roadways like veins and phosphorus arteries, to an alien visitor for the first time.

Distribution can also be when an accumulative energy system, including a stock market or financial market of currencies, commodities, or even debt passes from one hand to another, and slowly and serrupticiously is dissipated in avoiding loss or further loss. This is the opposite of accumulation, when a particular asset is, on the margin, gathered up anticipating gains in the future.

Wealth and capital are distributed, as is taxation, and is a distributive process. When it is amplified, it is said to be re-distributed. When it is witheld, then this flow is restricted, and fewer persons participate in its benefits--as has surely happened in America today, when fewer and fewer persons control more and more with each passing year--this is to the detriment of the masses.

Not only capital or goods can be distributed, but spiritual understanding can be disseminated orally, fashion can be promulgated by difusion through usage, slang language can be adopted and incorporated into culture--all of these, too, are forms of distribution. Both hatred and evil or love and kindness: all of these get widened or contracted depending on adoption, practice, or usage.

As Ancient Pre-Socratic Greek Philosoper Hericlitus said: "All is flux".

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fear: 356th Idea

Fear is part of our primal survival mechanism and is as omnipresent in day to day life as 'death, taxes, and childbirth'. While fear be debilating, it can also save a person from the clutches of virtually certain moral or outright physical destruction.

Fear is a feeling, and relates to aversion, and tells us not to go through with a labored decision which doesn't feel right. Fear tells us not to make that call, not write that letter, not say that thing to our boss or the rude customer. Fear in its better sense is the better part of tact or discretion, and buffers us from the attractions to the false luster given by things that can seduce us. Whether it be promises of grand investment returns, proclaimations of eternal love, or supposed more opportunistic employment, many things can mess you up in this world. Many things will call for your attention, your money, your affection, or your time.

My guru always said: 'Fear and doubt. These are the worst and are very harmfull'.

In its negative sense, fear is a limitation. In its higher sense, fear buffers us from things certain to bring little benefit. Again, as we last discussed, all feelings have this dual or 'Janus faced' side to things, and always have two sides. Fear just places this two side aspect into even greater resolution and is a very, very powerful form of energy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Feeling: 357th Idea

Feelings are emotions. Emotions are always about 'like' and 'dislike', attraction and repulsion. Feelings tell us where we are safe or in jeopardy, where we need to go and not go. Feelings tell us what to do, and who to be with.

While feelings are often highly accurate, the real difficulty is that sometimes they can not only be horribly wrong, but most notably we can never know when this will happen.

So there we have it: As the great spiritual teachers all say, 'Always follow your heart. The heart never lies', yet following your heart is the one thing that can get you in trouble real, real fast sometimes.

We have this great sensitive if not invaluable instrument which is known for high levels of subtlety and is often very accurate, and time to time it just throws you a real zinger, and will throw you for a loop.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Energy: 358th Idea

Energy is the most fundamental aspect of the universe along with, of course, time, space, matter, and form which cannot be taken as less significant.

While of course energy in its common sense can be used for practicalies such as transport, manufacturing, or heating or cooling buildings, by 'energy' we usually mean the internal met're of things.

Engery can be the odd feeling in a room after some people had been there, and come and gone; energy can be an odd part of the forest where we feel decay, or sorrow, or enormous silent struggle.

Energy can be the odd feeling when you know that you will never see some one again, or the recognition among kindred souls who, despite not knowing one another, sense a deep and natural kinship which is visceral and immediate. When we feel the vibes of persons, this is energy. We can sense who we can trust, and who we cannot; we sense what is authentic and true. And we can see past the superficial shineyness, for example, in a corporate interior decor which reeks of plastic artificiality and is doomed.

Most of all, energy is in the conscious aura of permiating awareness we feel around great teachers--the frission, the tingling and presense. We feel their energy, and while we may not be able to plumb their depths, we nevertheless still know that this fine energy is incommensurably and manifestly and irrevocably real. We know it.

We feel energy with the great primary lovers in our life. We feel energy the moment we find our homes, or when we walk into the interview for the job we will not only take, but which will nurish all our hard won lessons for the next six years, so deep are the waters that a man or woman can step into in what Gurdjieff called 'necessary suffering'.