Sunday, May 4, 2008

Distribution: 355th Idea

Distribution is a major feature in the greater universe in which our earth's galaxy is housed as well as a major aspect in both commerce and financial markets.

No matter how great an idea or product or process, if it is not distributed it might well never be seen or disseminated.

Vast distribution networks of trucks, ships, cars, goods, services, airplanes, voice and data packets, media and opinion all travel round this world, housed in vast libraries, server networks, warehouses and shipping containers, and towering grain silos.

Electric currents hum night and day, where the earth is seen as a scintilating beacon from far off in outter space, with humans blinking like amoeba in vast megalopolae of lights spread like tentacles and roadways like veins and phosphorus arteries, to an alien visitor for the first time.

Distribution can also be when an accumulative energy system, including a stock market or financial market of currencies, commodities, or even debt passes from one hand to another, and slowly and serrupticiously is dissipated in avoiding loss or further loss. This is the opposite of accumulation, when a particular asset is, on the margin, gathered up anticipating gains in the future.

Wealth and capital are distributed, as is taxation, and is a distributive process. When it is amplified, it is said to be re-distributed. When it is witheld, then this flow is restricted, and fewer persons participate in its benefits--as has surely happened in America today, when fewer and fewer persons control more and more with each passing year--this is to the detriment of the masses.

Not only capital or goods can be distributed, but spiritual understanding can be disseminated orally, fashion can be promulgated by difusion through usage, slang language can be adopted and incorporated into culture--all of these, too, are forms of distribution. Both hatred and evil or love and kindness: all of these get widened or contracted depending on adoption, practice, or usage.

As Ancient Pre-Socratic Greek Philosoper Hericlitus said: "All is flux".

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