Friday, May 11, 2007

First Efforts

I am on vacation, visting my very dear Mom, for mothers day, who despite all odds managed to hold a great deal together for a very long time. She is also turning 80, making this visit cross country all the more poignent.

Since I am to turn fifty sooner rather than latter, and puffing up my ego in public is of little or no value, it might be asked what it is that I can share in public which is of value to others that is not filled with self-aggrandizement, the focae of many a blog, many a public broadcast, many a book, many a presentation, or many a pitch? This is as good a time as any to pause and to inquire. And thus now begins my forth blog, The System of the System.

photo of my mother with her mother, c. 1927. life is precious.

There is what you do in life. There is where you go, and where you are. There is who you know, and how you behave. There is what you believe, what laws you follow, what technology you use, what artifacts you touch or see. There is what is felt but not understood nor seen. There is what you have (a very minor concern for me, as has been my entire life, but I must necessarily here notate the mean human state). There is what you had and did, and who you knew but no longer have or do, and no longer know.

There is need, and loss, sorrow, and recolletion. There is forgetting and forgiving. There is delight, and there is heartfelt longing. There is the gigantic mandalacrem or dome of heaven (SKT.). There are the angels and the gods. There is nature and time. The yearning to procreate, to preserve and the imperative to survive.

But time to time we must needs look at how we do what we do, for whatever we do, is what we will become, or as they say, "If I always do what I always did, I will get what I always got".

So here we endeavour to look at the fabric of how doing and being go together. Here we endeavour to understand how human systems fit together, in relation to cognitive systems, and information systems, and physical systems occur relative to dynamic whole systems.

More latter. Namastee.