Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Information: 352nd Idea

Peak Oil

Along with energy, housing, food, and transport, information is one of the most important features of the industrialized world.

Information comes in many forms. It can be held in print, electronically, or in other physical forms such as the shape of a building, or involving sound, color, texture, taste, or smell. It can also exist with no viewable physical location such as when it only exists in a persons mind but is very real, which both limits access to it and at the same makes the priviledge of those who can access it all the more valuable.

Information thus can be common or scarce, and thus dramatically changes its value according to how easy or hard it is to access.

Social groups and classes stratify according to their wealth, education, ages, races, and genders which further causes this same information to coalesce or dissipate.

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