Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Completion 345th Idea

We all roam the earth when the back of our primitive brain wanders and wanders and wanders. It really depends upon the form of life. Birds nest and travel, snakes under rocks or bask in sun, fish swarm the deep seas, goats the mountain promontories. Food, shelter, view, mating, there are many. Food and mating are the two deep urges.

But as humans, when a man or woman finds his or her mate, there is completion. Such a two do not deflect to others, but form a nesting circle, clasping their hands in mutual want, love, care, words, touches, projects, cooperation, reading, sleeping... all the sweet and continuous things. Once we find a job doing work that we can not only do, but nay, well enjoy and can be appreciated for, just as when you arrive to a dwelling felt as home, anchor the few close beloved friends who share with you and whom you share with, discover the craft or passion you can pursue on weekends or after work, once fulfilled, there is a wholeness like no other. All of these are important.

But the main thing is, when you find your mate, it frees a lot of previously unresolved energy. Even if not consciously, humans mate, just as they search for food. When the supply is secure, it allows these others to be more secure. It is grace and beauty. It is the greatest joy on earth