Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning: 359th Idea

Learning is at the core of all things valuable in life, particularly in the moral and creative spheres.

Learning is watching those around you, and applying the needed leasons in cultivating social harmony. Learning is when, for the seemed one-hundreth time in our craft, we repeat the same mistake again and again but finally make the leap and have the key insight of 'Oh, that is how they do it!'

Learning at its best is not just academic or the edge gained in commerce or fixing a car, but in the deep lessons of life. So hard are they to attain, but so much the more valuable when realized!

The order of learning we are addressing here is, again, not learning such as used in imploying fine skills such as speaking difficult languages or in overcoming the uniquely posed challenges of life. We mean the higher learning of how to employ the higher order realizations used in the way of doing, way of being, way of seeing.

This does not relate to gross matter or common events but involves fine subtltey in things hard to distinquish or grasp but which once integrated become a permanent feature of consciousness.

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