Friday, April 25, 2008

Grace: 364th Idea

By the grace of god do we all live. By the grace of creation does nature pour forth in all its ploxity and endless growth and regeneration. The inexplicable vastness of the cosmos that holds us in its boundless vastness is a riddle and a mystery. Unknown and unknowablem, uncanny and deep.

Grace can also be the mercy of the gods to deliver us from some calamedy or irresolvabe and intractible hardship. Grace can be the toss of a womans hair, the twinkly blue eyes of an old man with a cane, holding hands with his wife, gingerly tip toeing along, with a smile and please asking for directions.

Grace can be a rythmic dance, or wealthy person out to dinner, with a harried server who horribly spills an entire dinner onto the lap of the host of a thirty person banquet and smiles saying: "Thats ok, I didn' really need to eat all that anyway. Kindly give me a wet towel and I will be fine..." "So sorry sir, SO, SO VERY SORRY" said with a tremble". "Young man, if this is the worst that happens to me this month, this will be a fine day indeed :)"

Grace reminds us that we are not alone in the universe, and aside boundless suffering and sorrow gives life charm and beauty and goodness. Grace is always right on time, somehow the right thing as needed, always.

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