Saturday, April 26, 2008

Exploration: 363rd Idea

Exploration is a feature of physical life on earth, attempts at intimacy in the heart and in the body, study, learning, commerce, media, globalisation, cuisine, and travel.

Exploration can also be not such concrete things, but can be the edges of character where those of us already outspoken learn to observe others before diving in, forgive things wrong when previously quick to form a grudge, or to adopt a supportive management style where once had been the micomanaging boss who sufforcated others.

These entries into the depths of our own character might alternately force a shy person to become a public speaker, or taken to be repeatedly be walked on, ardently take up Karate or undertake almost violently discomforting rounds of Gestalt therapy, adopting a ruthless boldness of candor where all masks must be ripped off to find the authentic self and relations.

The earth is vast--so many cultures, languages, climates, historic epocs, array of sciences and health practices, gender preferences, music, social and peer groups, and the endless territory of memory.

In time the opposite of the exhaustion of exploration can bring genuine understanding where it is seen that 'Truly, all roads lead to Rome'.

As a 'Guru once said: "There is nowhere to go, and nothing to do"' brings acceptance where perhaps then wisdom can grow in place of a habitual effort for all circumstances.

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