Sunday, April 27, 2008

Results: 362nd Idea

Results are about attaining a desired outcome, and whether they are salutary or harmfull wholey depends on what is being attained.

A corporate clean up CEO, or what is otherwise called a 'turn around artist', might persue almost any number of alternatives just to generate significant profits for investors and owners of capital. Often this is accomplished irrespective of regard for human dignity such as the needs of long term employees who often served for long years before this 'artist' invaded the environment for 'divide and conquest', sense of responsibility to communities or customers alike. Taken to extreme, this attainment can lead to great personal enrichment yet at the cost of multitudes of others for ultimately selfish ends or self aggrandizing ego.

On the other hand, if for example this involved a viable business enterprise with a good product and solid staff alike yet had fallen into disrepair from irresponsible managment, corrective measures could be painfull but--in the end--everyone might thank such a sterm task master for not only saving their jobs, but allowing many to keep their very own homes or buy shoes for their children. It is difficult, and all comes down to tone and moral unpinnings. Gain is not bad; yet 'gain for the few by using the many' in sharing none of the procedes does real harm.

Results can be a medical rehabilitation, a resolve to always be on time, or to keep ones solemn word, or not to drink. Results can be the supportive affirmation of a loving parent for a child only needing more encouragement to blossom. Results can be just a delectable garden or democratic peace wrested by vehement opposition to tyranny.

Life is filled with all kinds of plans but in the end, talk and thinking have expressed limits. All the procedures, processes, plans, diagrams, and structural-functional rigor only so far, and the naked truth of result is left to stand, not matter what anyone says or does. As The Course In Miracles says: 'Nothing that is real can be threatened', and the very idea of results reminds us of the concreteness of what is so, what happens, and who is who. Results are real and unequivocal.

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